Prayer Ministries

Prayer Group

Prayer Group meets on Tuesday’s at 11:00 A.M. in the Asbury Room on the 2nd floor. All are welcome.

We open with a devotion and then lift up prayers from those who are present. We share updates on those we pray for each week and and add any new prayer concerns. We pray for our church which  includes the staff, Executive Council, teachers,  Weekday Children’s Program, activities of the church, confirmation class members, and any other concerns of our church.

We pray for our community and world. This includes our mayor, police officers, firemen, rescue workers, schools and the principals, educators that attend our church, community organizations, missionaries and those serving in the military.

We continue lifting over 150 names  in prayers that. These names are members of our church, members’ families, friends and all who prayers have been requested.

We then go into a time of silence for individuals to pray aloud or in their hearts.

When prayer requests come in during the week, we email these prayer requests. Some people cannot come on Tuesday and they will also receive the email.

If you have a prayer request, please contact our church at

Or, when you are at church, you may fill out a Prayer Request card and place it in the offering plate.

We love to hear when prayers are answered!