Brevard First United Methodist Church

Weekday Children's Program

A Christian program for children ages 1-5, where they experience and learn about God’s love while providing social, spiritual, and intellectual growth.

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Our Purpose

-To provide a Christian Program for children ages one to five that is economically and racially inclusive, that presents an atmosphere of learning, caring, and nurturing, that enables children to experience and learn of God’s loving care, and that enhances their growth in self-esteem and care for others.

-To create a network of support and caring communication between parents of young children; to offer parents a time away from children and at the same time offer assurance of the child’s safety and well-being.

-To provide children of the First United Methodist Church families a vital connection with their own church beyond regular Sunday activities.

-To service as an avenue of outreach and ministry to the community beyond First United Methodist Church, to provide a doorway through which persons may learn of the ministries and fellowship of the First United Methodist Church, and to foster faith and friendship for parents and children.

Our Goals

-Helping each child recognize him or herself as a worthwhile person, leading to positive self-concept; assisting each child in becoming a well-functioning person.

-Providing the best child-care possible for each child; providing warmth, love, safety, care for health, intellectual stimulation, conversation, and a place to grow.

-Establishing communication with parents in order to insure a mutually satisfying experience at home and in preschool.

-Helping each child grow physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually; helping each child reach his/her greatest potential.

-Planning play experiences that enable each child to develop in fait, cognitive growth, social growth, motor skills, self-help skills, and language skills.

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A Word from the

Weekday Children’s Program

Dear WCP Families,

I am pleased to announce that the Weekday Children’s Program Board of Directors has appointed Sabrina Tyler WCP Director for both Camp Rainbow and the 23-23 School Year.  Sabrina brings over 13 years of experience in early childhood education.  She has been a teacher of the 3’s Class for many years and most recently has served the program as the “lead teacher” offering guidance and support to the entire teaching staff, children, and parents. Additionally, she has been responsible for our social media presence and the “One-Call Now” communications system.  We believe she is the right person to lead our pre-school program forward. 

Sabrina will serve as the Director on an interim basis until she completes the coursework required for the Early Childhood Education Administrative Credential.  She will have full responsibility and authority to run the program during this period.  It is expected that she will complete this credential by the end of this coming school year, after which she will no longer be serving in an “interim” capacity.

Further good news is that Kelly Merrill (former WCP Director) will continue to support WCP as the Administrative Assistant to the Director.  Kelly will provide administrative support to Sabrina as she transitions into the position and throughout the year as a part-time employee of WCP.  Kelly will be working primarily in the finance and administrative areas.  She has also agreed to be a regular substitute teacher, as needed. 

The WCP Board of Directors believe that we will have an awesome Camp Rainbow and 23-24 WCP School Year under the guidance of these caring and capable women.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, as Chairman of the Board of Directors. or 828-384-1211.


Jane M. Wheeless, Chair WCP Board of Directors


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School Hours: M-F: 9am – 12pm